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Design and engineering supervision

Design and engineering supervision or Field supervision is carried out in accordance with the requirements defined in the KMK 1.03.07-96 "Provisions of the copyright and technical supervision of construction."

Field supervision is carried out the entire period of construction and acceptance into operation of completed construction projects to ensure compliance with technical, construction and other technical solutions provided in the approved documentation, and to ensure a high quality of construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures.

The company is obliged to check the construction process of compliance of performed works on erection of buildings and structures with project solutions prescribed by working drawings, maintaining the technology, quality of construction and installation works and works on installation of technological and other types of equipment, observance of rules of fire and explosion safety of buildings under construction and structures;

The specialists in a timely manner:

  • Decide regarding the construction issues on the project documentation, prohibit the use of building structures, materials and equipment do not comply with project documentation;
  • Keep a journal of field supervision, which is fixed in the case of derogation from the documentation and violation of building codes and regulations specifying the terms of their elimination;
  • In case of late or defective execution of directions for clearing to inform the Customer for taking action of remedial action;
  • Participate in acceptance of separate building structures and in the preparation of acts of inspection of major works, concealed by subsequent work;
  • Changes and additions in the order of supervision are consistent with the "Contractor".
  • Responsible for the performance of the duties stipulated in the KMK.

The plan - a schedule of field supervision is adjusted in accordance with the schedule of performance of construction and installation works for the planning period per object.