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Environmental care

By their nature, projects implemented by PE «SUVOQAVA-XIZMAT» are environmental i.e. their functioning contributes to the improvement of the socio-ecological situation in the rural settlements of the region, contributes to the improvement of sanitary-hygienic conditions of the population, leading to the creation of new jobs in water supplying organizations in the region.

PE "SUVOQAVA-XIZMAT" projects help to provide the rural population with quality drinking water, which has a positive effect on health, reduced morbidity associated with poor water quality. The works also provide management plan and environmental monitoring.

In the development of the design documentation the environmental analysis of the project is carried out, which identifies the major environmental issues and assesses the existing condition of sewage treatment plants in the framework of the project. Also analyzes the types and nature of the environmental impacts of upgrading wastewater treatment facilities.

Works on the reconstruction of pumping stations have an ecological impact on the environment, leading to positive consequences.

Design documentation shall be developed with recommendations for acquisition of land and execution of works within areas of existing sewage treatment facilities in the vicinity of the reconstructed pumping stations. Historical and cultural monuments are not impacted by the project. 

During the period of construction works on reconstruction of pumping stations wastewater outlet into the reservoir is not made. At the time of reconstruction such as the main pumping station, operates the existing pumping equipment and pump over incoming wastewater to the purification. The new pumping equipment is activated at the end of reconstruction, and the existing is dismantled. Therefore water pollution by untreated wastewater is excluded. 

During construction works the transport services are carried out strictly on the highlighted passages, to exclude the possibility of the destruction of fertile layers of soil and existing road surfaces.

Cutting of trees and shrubs are not made during the construction works on the reconstruction of pumping stations.  

Construction sites after construction works are cleared of debris sealed and landscaped.

At the time of construction works are created the sanitary conditions for builders and their medical care. Controllers of sites produce daily rounds of construction sites for the purpose of visual inspection of the implementation of environmental protection measures by builders (not causing harm to animals and plants, the collection of waste and oils in special containers, and others).

 Construction and reconstruction of treatment facilities allows the timely implementation of wastewater collection and treatment up to normative parameters of effluent quality.

Improving the management of the sewerage infrastructure leads to lower unorganized discharge of wastewater from the population, reduce the pollution of ground and surface waters, and as a consequence reduce Morbidity of population caused, improve sanitary and epidemiological situation in the city.

Thus, PE "SUVOQAVA-XIZMAT" projects implementation, which consist the reconstruction of structures, improvement of management and operation by water canal services , leads to the change of the water regime of the territory, which has a positive impact on the entire complex of nature conditions, cultural heritage objects and population's health.