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Sewage manifolds in Samarkand city

Assignment name:

«Sewage manifolds along Penjikentskaya str. and sewage pumping station SP2 in Samarkand city».

Design estimate and bidding documents.

Country: Republic of Uzbekistan
Location within country: Samarkand region
Name of Customer: Regional Industrial Administration «Suvoqava» of Samarkand
Address: Uzbekistan, Samarkand city, Uzbekistan str, 114A
Duration of assignment (months): 3
Total number of person-months of the assignment: 11

Date started of works

December 2009

End date

February  2010

Narrative description of Project:

Project provided building of sewer collector on Pendzhikentstkaja str. D=300mm and sewer collector on Registansky str. D=250mm. Installation of sewer pump station SP2 and building of pressure head sewer collector D=350mm before connection to an existing collector on Dzhami str.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Full package of the design-budget documents is developed. Construction supervision.