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Water treatment facilities

During development of the water and wastewater treatment facilities design in a water supply system, we use innovative science and technology solutions with the purpose that by the time of putting it into service it were technically perfect. For our projects we make decisions which allow to reduce capital investments, work costs of construction, to reduce material resources in comparison with the similar operating water treatment plants both by stages of design and construction, and during operation. We successfully solve these matters using technologies that are more progressive in water treatment, space-planning and constructive decisions, improvement of technical and economic indicators of a construction object.

Design of waste water treatment facilities in a water supply system is a difficult, multistage and hi-tech process. During development of any water treatment systems’ design as for residential buildings or the industrial enterprises in the large city and for the small settlement, it is necessary to consider a huge number of factors and conditions. In this regard, the company which is engaged in design of water treatment facilities has to have sufficient experience of this kind of activity and incorporate competent and skilled staff. We have these qualities and furthermore we use computer-aided design programs.