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Design and engineering

We carry out full range of engineering works beginning from the development of design estimate documentation and coming to the end with the master plan of objects. All design works are complied with the legislation requirements of the Republic of Uzbekistan for environmental protection.

Private engineering company “SUVOQAVA – XIZMAT” has a solid experience in implementation of reconstruction projects of difficult engineering communications of objects as follows:

  • Chlorination facilities.

During design of the pipelines, we carry out a range of geological, geodetic and hydrological researches, collecting the geographical and economic data necessary for designing the pipeline. In our feasibility study for construction of the main pipeline we specify the customers’ nearest and prospect requirements, justify the volume of water pumping, determine the supply zone, provide the information about the placement of head and terminal points of the pipeline and also information about points of traveling selection of a product is provided.

Design of pump stations is developed conforming to the customer’s specification, questionnaire or project documentation. We develop project documentation of the sewerage system of any object including cleaning and disinfecting of waste water taking into account local conditions and sanitary requirements. We design the sewage facilities for the estimated date taking into account their development in future with significant extra charges.

Our properly developed detail project of water intake is the instruction for drillers, builders, assemblers and other performers which will allow to simplify drilling, construction and other operations at the corresponding approach and to minimize terms of performance of these works, to optimize work of a well and the pumping equipment, to undertake necessary nature protection actions which, finally, will increase quality of water.

The sewerage system is element of the sewerage facilities. For the correct design of a system, it is necessary to solve the matters of hydraulics of the sewerage system, methods and technics of calculation, the correct design of a system and reduction of its cost.

During design of a sewerage system we define pools of waste water disposal, we plan trace of a pipeline, we define and appoint the initial depth of pipes’ laying, we define estimated flow for the estimated sites of a system, we make hydraulic calculation and design of a pipeline, we make longitudinal profiles, we design constructions in a sewerage system (pumping stations, access gullies).