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Sewerage systems

The sewerage system is element of the sewerage facilities. For the correct design of a system, it is necessary to solve the matters of hydraulics of the sewerage system, methods and technics of calculation, the correct design of a system and reduction of its cost.

During design of a sewerage system we solve the problems as follows:

  • Determine pools of waste water disposal;
  • Plan trace of a pipeline;
  • Determine and appoint the initial depth of pipes’ laying;
  • Determine estimated flow for the estimated sites of a system;
  • Make hydraulic calculation and design of a pipeline;
  • Make longitudinal profiles;
  • Design constructions in a sewerage system (pump stations, access gullies).

Design of the sewerage system in industrial regions is developed based on the complex solution of water management problem taking into account use of local water resources for the population, the industry, an irrigation, power and so forth.

During development of the pump station design we follow the norms and rules existing for hydraulic engineering constructions and the recommendations as follows:

  • Maximal decrease in labor input and material capacity (especially steel structures) of separate constructions of facility;
  • Applying of technical solutions and facilities’ designs which well proved in practice, their maximal unification for the close located pump stations;
  • Increased use of industrial methods of construction with the minimal volume of manual work due to applying of standard factory made building constructions (combined ferroconcrete columns, beams, panels of coverings, pipes, etc.);
  • Possibility of pump station construction in turns and it’s operation at not completely finished constructions;
  • Electric energy applying for operation of pump station as environmentally friendly and convenient energy in operation; use of internal combustion engines for this purpose has to be proved by technical and economic estimates;
  • The maximal automation of technical processes at operation of pump station with possibility of the subsequent improvement of technical process;
  • Saving or improvement of sanitary and hygienic living conditions of the population in the adjacent area and also conditions for an economic production activity;
  • Saving or multiplication of a plant and animal life in the adjacent area.