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Main pipelines

Design of the main pipelines is a process of creation of the complex technical documentation containing the feasibility study, calculations, the estimates, models, drawings, explanatory notes and other necessary materials for construction of pipeline transport facilities.

During design of the main pipelines, we carry out a range of geological, geodetic and hydrological researches, collecting the geographical and necessary economic data for designing the pipeline. In our feasibility study for construction of the main pipeline we specify the customers’ nearest and prospect requirements, justify the volume of water pumping, determine the supply zone, provide the information about the placement of head and terminal points of the pipeline and also information about points of traveling selection of a product is provided.

During feasibility study, we define the main technical data of the pipeline: diameter, working pressure, number of the pumping stations. The cost of construction is calculated by the consolidated cost indexes and economic parameters of the pipeline are compared with other means of transport.

After finishing the feasibility study we carry out a design of the main pipeline and specify purpose of the pipeline, its annual capacity, breakdown in turns of building of object, property of all subjects to transportation of products, initial, final and intermediate points of the pipeline, the list of points of traveling selection or products’ pumping, terms of start and the end of construction in turns, terms of submission of technical documentation at design stages.

At a stage of technical design we make necessary researches, we develop the main engineering decisions for the designed pipeline objects and environment protection and we define the matters of construction management.

During research of the pipeline project development, we carry out a complex study of an environment of the construction area. After consideration of the technical design and estimates we start detailed drawing.