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Pump Stations

Design of pump stations is developed conforming to the customer’s technical specification, questionnaire or project documentation. We develop project documentation of the sewerage system of any object including cleaning and disinfecting of waste water taking into account local conditions and sanitary requirements. We design the sewage facilities for the estimated date taking into account their development in future with significant extra charges.

Design of the pump stations consists of different stages as follows:

  • Proper selection of pumping equipment and additional systems: power supply, firefighting, heating; emergency lighting system and valves;
  • Dimensions and weight of manufactured block-module;
  • Selection of pump station’s control system, design of the automation system;
  • Determination of necessary thickness of thermal insulation depending on the planned area of operation.

Specialists of PE “SUVOQAVA-XIZMAT” will develop for you the design and will provide evident model of pump station. To achieve the best result the technical specification of the customer should contain the following data:

  • The complete schedule of water consumption or the schedule of a water drain per year of estimated frequency and the appropriate daily schedule if it’s necessary;
  • The construction industry in surrounding areas and possibility of transportation of materials and the equipment to the pump station location;
  • Region of placement and appointment of pump station;
  • Requirements to a forcing and regulation of water supply, the volume of automation and telemetry, data about mechanical workshop etc.;
  • Site plan for a water supply alignment; power supply sources;
  • Name of a water source (water intake), location of a water intake (water outlet), conditions and level of water consumption, volumes of a firm drain, ice mode, requirements to fish protection;
  • Terms of construction and sequence of input of the reclaimed lands;
  • Engineering-geological data – block charts in the locations of responsible constructions, physics and technology properties of soil, data on ground water, the forecast of their possible changes as a result of construction of pump station etc.;
  • Hydrogeological data – estimated level of water consumption at headrace and tail-bay, the minimal and maximal levels of water for years of estimated supply, discharge records, the forecast of source use during the period of time and the changes of the consumption conditions and levels connected with it, volume of negative and positive setup of water, a sediment characteristics, the forecast of the course deformation, the ice mode etc.; for channels the estimated level of water consumption have to be given including levels in case of an accident is higher or lower the existing constructions at blackout or at failure of control devices, static water levels;
  • Climatic data – air and water temperatures, rainfall, thickness of snow cover, frost penetration in the soil, seismicity of the construction area;
  • The forecast of influence of the constructed facility on change of sanitary and hygienic living conditions of society, fertility of lands, a plant and animal life, stocks of fish in reservoirs and basins etc. in surrounding areas.