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Development of bidding documents and detailed drawings

We put together a complete team from experts of a different profile for implementation of certain objects and projects.

Development of detailed documentation is carried out in strict accordance with the Technical Specification and the Schedule of work.

During primary acquisition and design works our specialists permanently cooperate with all interested organizations as follows:

  • Project Coordination Unit (PCU)
  • Project Implementation Unit (PIU)
  • Water supply Operating Company
  • Rural community representatives
  • Project Coordination Consultants

Bidding documents are developed for each subproject and comply with Procurement Guide.

During development of bidding documents we submit General Contract documents (Instructions for Bidders, Contract Terms, Forms etc.), we develop Technical Specifications, Bills of Quantities and Detailed Drawings.

Requirements to materials used in the project and requirements that have to be observed during delivery, installation, test and putting into operation of the equipment according to the certain Contract are presented in Technical specifications. We describe the general obligations of the Contractor connected with works on the Contract which are performed in addition or throughout requirements of Terms of the contract.

Bill of Quantities includes the detailed description of construction works, their technical characteristics with the put-down volumes on a unit of measure of each work. Amount of construction and installation works for each building and a construction are subdivided by types of works - construction, assembly/installation, sanitary; (on groups of the equipment: mechanical, electro technical, heat technical, etc.) and each type of all-areal works (improvement of the territory, water supply pipeline, power supply network, etc.).

Detailed drawings are developed according to national standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan for project documentation on construction. Completeness, scope and structure of documentation, rules of working drawings performance, uniform requirements to registration of drawings are established. All drawings are carried out in the AutoCAD.

Project documentation is submitted to the Customer in the English and Russian languages. The number of copies on each object corresponds to the quantity specified in the Contract. Also we present CDs with the electronic copy of working drawings to the Customer.