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Djizak City Sewerage Reconstruction

Assignment name:

«Djizak City Sewerage Reconstruction».

Feasibility Study.

Country: Reublic of Uzbekistan.

Location within country: Djizak region.
Name of Customer: UNICON Limited
Address: 20-22 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JS, United Kingdom
Duration of assignment (months): 3
Total number of person-months of the assignment: 10

Date started of works


January 2014

End date


April 2014

Narrative description of Project:

FS is provided:

  1. Reconstruction of 16,8кm of sewerage collectors and networks in Djizak;
  2. Building of 45,8кm of sewerage collectors and networks in Djizak;
  3. Unit of house connections;
  4. Reconstruction of three sewerage pump stations which are in an emergency condition;
  5. Building of sewerage pump station;
  6. Building of sewerage treatment facilities by capacity of 30 000,0 m3/day;
  7. Equipment «Suvokava» by necessary cars and mechanisms for operation of sewerage system and  labware for the analysis of quality of sewage treatment.

Описание услуг, предоставленных нашей компанией:

Appraisal of existing situation, gathering and analysis of initial data, development and analysis of various options of the Project. Hydraulic calculation of sewerage network.

Performance of Feasibility Study. The coordination of Feasibility Study with all necessary entities.