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Reconstruction of sewerage system in Fergana and Margilan (4th tranche)

Assignment name:

«Reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems in Kokand and Andijan, and water supply system in Fergana, Margilan and Rishtan».

«Reconstuction of sewerage system in Kokand».

Feasibility study.

Country:  Republic of Uzbekistan
Location within country:
Fergana region

Name of Customer:  Islohotconsaltservis LLC
Address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Azimov str, 79
Duration of assignment (months): 3
Total number of person-months of the assignment: 15

Date started of works

January 2011

End date

March  2011

Narrative description of Project:

FS is provided:

  1. Building of 4.9кm of sewerage collectors and networks;
  2. Reconstruction of 11.7кm of sewerage collectors and networks;
  3. Reconstruction of three sewerage pump station which are in an emergency condition;
  4. Building of Construction of drainage station;
  5. Reconstruction of sewerage treatment facilities by capacity of 300,000.0m3/days to ensure regulatory wastewater in Fergana, Margilan;
  6. Supply «Suvokava» of Fergana and Margilan by necessary cars and mechanisms for operation of sewerage system and  labware for the analysis of quality of sewage treatment.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Performance of Feasibility Study. The coordination of Feasibility Study with all necessary entities.