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Rehabilitation of sewerage system in Andijan city

Assignment name:

«Rehabilitation of sewerage system in Andijan city».

Feasibility Study.

Country: Republic of Uzbekistan

Location within country: Andijan region

Name of Customer: Engineering company «Office of common Customer of Andijan City regional Municipality»
Address: Uzbekistan, Andijan city, Navoi str, 45
Duration of assignment (months): 2
Total number of person-months of the assignment: 12

Date started of works

January 2010

End date

March  2010

Narrative description of Project:

FS is provided:

  1. Reconstruction of sewerage treatment facilities by capacity of 110,000.0m3/day;
  2. Supply the «Suvokava» of Andijan by necessary cars and mechanisms for operation of sewerage system and  labware for the analysis of quality of sewage treatment.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Appraisal of existing situation, gathering and analysis of initial data. Performance of Feasibility Study. The coordination of Feasibility Study with all necessary entities.