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Rehabilitation of Bukhara sewerage network

Assignment name:

«Rehabilitation of Bukhara sewerage network»

Detail Design and Bidding Documents and supervision.

Country:  Republic of Uzbekistan

Location within country: Bukhara region

Name of Client: Bukhara RPE “Suvokova”

Address: Uzbekistan, Bukhara city, Muradov str, 111

Duration of assignment (months): 5
Total number of person-months of the assignment: 35

Date started of works

September  2010

End date

January  2011

Narrative description of Project:

The project provides execution of civil works in Bukhara city for rehabilitation of 6,4km of gravity and pressure sewerage manifolds.


  1. Rehabilitation of gravity manifold along Navoi avenue (Knowledge House) up to crossing of K.Murtazayev str. and Navoi ave. along K.Murtazayev str. up to crossing with Namozgoh str. – D=1000mm, length 1.45km;
  2. Rehabilitation of gravity manifold from Regional Khokimiyat building to crossing with Navoiave. and K. Murtazayev str. – D =1000mm, length 0.24km, D =800mm, length 0.85km;
  3. Sewerage manifolds system along Yangiobod str. and Afrosiyeb str. with SPS SP-13. Gravity sewerage manifolds:  D=600mm, length 0.62km, D=500mm, length 1.45km. Pressure sewerage manifold: D=300mm, length 0.31km;
  4. Sewerage manifolds system along Ibn Sino ave. and Yassaviy str. with SPS SP-14. Gravity sewerage manifolds:  D=500mm, length 0.35km, D=400mm, length 0.67km. Pressure sewerage manifold: D=300mm, length 0.49km;

Item 3 and 4 includes installation of complete sewerage pumping stations with submersible pumps and control board for automatic control of pump work, with installation of  transforming station, diesel generator as the second power supply, using monitoring system of pumps with outlet to dispatching office, with equipped plane with CCTV system  for object.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Full package of Detail Design and Bidding Documents is developed. Hydraulic calculation, civil and  electro-technical calculations were performance and submission. Construction supervision.