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Reconstruction of Takhiatash water treatment facilities.

Assignment name:

«Reconstruction of Takhiatash WTW»

Detail Design Documents and supervision.

Country: Republic of Uzbekistan

Location within country: Republic of Karakalpakstan

Name of Customer: Obi Hayot LTD
Address: Uzbekistan, Khorezm region, Khanka district, Khanka city, Mullayan str., 65

Duration of assignment (months):

Designing – 6
Design following and field supervision - 15

Total number of person-months of the assignment: 75

Date started of works

October 2009

End date

May  2010

Narrative description of Project:

The project provides reconstruction of Water treatment facilities of Q=72,000m3/day.

Reconstructed objects, implemented by PE «SUVOQAVA-XIZMAT»:

  1. Water intake Facility with pumps by capacity 1,500m3/h, head 18m and with all equipment for preliminary water treating;
  2. Radial Sedimentation Tanks in D=50m;
  3. Horizontal Sedimentation Tanks in 60m length  and width 5.8m everyone;
  4. High Lift Pumping Station with pumps for Tahiatash, Hodjeyli and  Kungrad cities;
  5. Constructions water reuse;
  6. Slime Tank with submersible pump by capacity 800m3/h, head 28m;
  7. Tank of the clarified water with submersible pump by capacity 1,600m3/h, head 30m;
  8. Sewer pumping station. by capacity 12m3/h, head 16m;
  9. Electrical and Automation parts of Reactant Facility;
  10. Automation, Remote Control, Centralization of Control of Site;
  11. Filtering station.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Full package of the design-budget documents is developed. Construction supervision.