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Risks and assumptions analysis

Risk management is the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks, search for their avoidance by virtue of the coordinated and economical application of resources for the purpose of  minimize, monitor and control the possibility of adverse situations.

We offer quality risk management, in which we Analyze the offers and Analysis of risks. First we consider risks that have much more negative impact on the project. Given the complexity of projects and the multiplicity of parties, a formal approach of risk management is adopted. It is requires regular meetings between each project management Team (i.e. project Director, project Manager and Technical Manager) to review project risks and determine strategies for mitigation. Also, project risks are considered at the meetings of the Steering Committee.

In the analysis of the offers we consider the situation that might occur during project implementation and draw conclusions for the improvement of these situations, give recommendations for optimal preparation for such situations in case they arise.

In the analysis of the risks we list all the possible risks associated with the project, ranging from the most dangerous, and offer a strategy for managing each of these risks in order to minimize the consequences of its negative impact on the project. The entire analysis is documented in the form of a table.