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Water supply of Mirishkor district

Assignment name:

«Water supply and sanitation of rural settlements of Kashkadarya area». Water supply of Mirishkor district.

Design estimate documents.

Country: Republic of Uzbekistan
Location within country:
Kashkadarya region

Name of Customer: «Uzbekkommunalloiha» Design Institute
Address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Niyozbek yuli Str, 1
Duration of assignment (months): 2
Total number of person-months of the assignment: 12

Date started of works

May 2009

End date

June 2009

Narrative description of Project:

Project stipulated reconstruction and new construction of three Units of Water Distribution, water pipelines and distribution networks in five settlements.

The UWD include pumping stations by capacity 156-18m3/h, head 35m, chlorinator units on high-test bleaching powder, reservoirs by capacity 400-50m3. Total extent of the distribution networks D=150-50mm - 48km.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Gathering of initial data. Hydraulic calculation of waterlines and a distributive network of settlements is executed. Performance of full package of the design-budget documentation is developed.