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Replacement of the pump equipment in pump station Kaparas

Assignment name:

«Replacement of the pump equipment in pump station Kaparas for water supply of the Khorezm region»

Design estimate documents.

Country: Republic of Uzbekistan
Location within country:
Khorezm region

Name of Customer: Agency «Uzkommunxizmat»
Address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Niyozbek yuli Str, 1
Duration of assignment (months): 2
Total number of person-months of the assignment: 12

Date started of works

February 2009

End date

March 2009

Narrative description of Project:

In 2000 on the Kaparas water basin located in territory of Republic Turkmenistan, the water intaking unit with pump station "Kaparas" has been constructed. The pump station pumping water from the Kaparass water basin to water treatment plant "Tujamujun-Urgench" for it  the pump station has been equipped by pumps of company Flygt, type СР 3,351.935 Q=2,958 m3/h, H=52m and N=520kW. Daily productivity of pump station – 200,000m³/day.

For years of work and impossibility to spend routine inspections of the pump equipment and the timely repair, the installed pumps have failed and have been dismantled.

The project provides reconstruction of pump station "Kaparas", purchase and installation of 4 pumps of company "Flygt" Q=2,958m3/h, H=46m and N=460 kw.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Performance of hydraulic calculation of teamwork of pumps and water pipelines. Selection of the pump equipment. Calculation of starting cost of building in current prices, purchase of the pump equipment, technical support in installation of pumps, set-up and putting in operation of pump stations.